What are Movietone Cameos?

I don't tend to publish short reviews of individual movies at my blog Movietone News.
I like rambling too much.
But over the years, I have written a good many shorter pieces for various books and magazines, and there is something to be said for succinctness too. I do enjoy the discipline of writing to a strict word limit, and as well as more considerate to the reader, it is a useful exercise to try to say as much as you can in as few words as possible.
I decided there might be some merit in bringing them all together under one banner and, when I run out, perhaps even writing new ones.

My excuse, then, for unleashing yet another blog is first, that I've always liked the idea of doing my own Halliwell's Film Guide, and second, many of these pieces were originally published in a bastardised form, cackhandedly edited and in parts crudely rewritten with neither permission nor skill. This, then, is a chance to set the record straight.
I'll also try, whenever time permits, to record each new film I see here, as a kind of evolving film journal.