How to use Movietone Cameos

In my dreams, I'd like this site to be an online reference of every film I've seen, which would take in many if not most of the best-known films ever made, certainly up to the early 1990s or so, and a pretty hefty percentage of the less-known ones too.
Alas, I must recognise that so epic a goal is unlikely to be achieved, certainly in the short term, so what we are left with, I'm afraid, is more of a pick and mix selection.
I am now intent on listing every film I watch as I watch it, but other titles are included more or less at random, as the mood strikes me.
So if you are looking for a particular film, by all means check the complete index by title on the right hand sidebar. You might just be lucky, but for the moment, at least, it's not all that likely!
Lastly, please note that to save space, films in recognisable series are often listed as one in the title index rather than individually, so look for Rocky IV under 'Rocky series', or Carry On Columbus under 'Carry On series'.