The Mutations (1974) *

Another demented museum piece from Jack Cardiff, and one of the weirdest and scuzziest of all weird, scuzzy 1970's British horror films.
Donald Pleasence plays a scientist and university lecturer trying to cross-breed animals and plants. At one point he is asked if he has had any success. He replies that he most certainly has, and proudly produces a dead mouse with a sprig of watercress sticking out of it. He pays a deformed freak show proprietor called Lynch (Tom Baker drooling and covered in plastic lumps) to abduct girls, and post-experimental rejects are passed on to the freak show. Some of Donald's students (including Jill Haworth and Julie Ege in Man About the House fashions) get a bit too close to the truth; one of them, (played by Savage Messiah's Scott Anthony) is turned into a human venus fly trap.
Yes, it's tasteless, but at the same time, it's a film in which a man feeds a rabbit to a growling shrub. It was also Cardiff's last film as director. I've a feeling it would have been anybody's last film as director.