That Inferior Feeling (1940) ****

One of the best of all Benchley shorts, a study of "that inferiority from which most men suffer which makes them unable to cope with officials or with personal emergencies of any kind", manifested in the inability to ask for assistance at a railway station, or to cash a cheque in a bank without feeling like a criminal.
This is the one where a cocky tailor talks Benchley into buying a white suit, which makes him unable to leave the house without his wife's insistence, whereupon his embarrassment compels him to immediately draw attention to it as he passes the postman:

Benchley (inanely): Well, all in white today!
Postman (confused): What did you say?
Benchley (attempting nonchalalance, and failing): I said I thought I'd throw on my white suit today.
Postman (completely uninterested): Oh. Yeah. Yeah, that's right.