Return of the Jedi (1983)

Star Wars part three: yet more laser guns, robots and Muppets, spiced with the now expected soap operatics. (This time the hero and heroine learn they are brother and sister, and the baddie repents and turns goodie on his death bed!) It seemed to finish off public interest at the time, but in the years that followed the series grew into an unaccountable international cult, and the films were periodically re-called like old cars, tinkered with an re-issued in new versions. Somewhere in the course of this process the three episodes were absurdly re-designated episodes four, five and six, paving the way for not one but three prequels that duly appeared over a decade later and with all-new players, to widespread incredulity. (In the face of such inanity, Mel Brooks's attempt at parody stood no chance whatever of drawing blood.) And as I write, still more adventures are planned, this time utilising the creaking remnants of the original cast. May the force be with them.