How To Read (1938) **

Benchley on the hidden dangers of reading, as caused by bedside reading lights, falling asleep while listening to one's wife reading aloud ("a form of reading that is particularly dangerous"), or attempting to read without interruption at one's club:

Clubman: You won't get very far with that, I tried it.
Benchley: Is that so...
Clubman: Yep, I got to the part where the girl shot herself and I says, “Uh-uh, not for Puppy.” I like to get a laugh out of the books I read.
Benchley: That so... there's some funny papers on the table over there (...)
Clubman (tapping Benchley on his shoulder and making him start): By the way, do you see anything of Pinky McDermott lately?
Benchley: No I don't.
Clubman: Say, you know what I think about Pinky?
Benchley: No, I don't.
Clubman: I think he's in love with that girl.
Benchley: That may very well be.