House of Frankenstein (1944) **

A convenient quick fix of Universal monsters that seemed to me pretty much the most perfectly conceived and executed film ever when I first saw it at the age of ten, and if I'm honest pretty much still does. Many others will find it silly, regardless of whether or not they are fans of Universal horror per se.
In the space of one hour and eleven minutes mad scientist Boris Karloff and hunchback assistant J. Carrol Naish break out of a lunatic asylum, strangle George Zucco and steal his travelling Chamber of Horrors show, revive Dracula (John Carradine) and set him loose on a killing spree, discover the Wolf Man (Lon Chaney Jr) and the Frankenstein Monster (Glenn Strange in the first of his Karloff-equalling three turns in the role) frozen in blocks of ice, thaw them out and set them loose on killing sprees. At the end Naish gets thrown out of a window and Karloff is sucked down in a bog. But I'm telling you the plot. Sig Rumann is in it, too.