The Avengers (1998) *

As an adaptation of the original series, one of the most notorious examples ever of Hollywood getting it wrong, wrong, wrong: fiendishly miscast and missing the point from first second to last. It's facetious and silly; Uma Thurman is bad but riveting as Emma Peel; Ralph Fiennes is just plain bad as Steed, and Sean Connery comes over as a bit of a berk hamming up the villain role.
And yet there's something really compelling about it: it certainly slots comfortably into the top half of my guilty pleasures top ten. The sheer artificiality of it, the superfluity of style, and the way big ideas are introduced and then forgotten about give it a uniquely bizarre flavour. Also in its favour is the 85 minute running time - a clear giveaway of post-production desperation - which ensures it never bores, though God knows it baffles.