Curse of the Pink Panther (1983)

That sequel to Trail of the Pink Panther the world was screaming for, actually largely filmed at the same time, with some mutual cast members in different roles.
No Sellers outtakes this time but a brand new story in which the world's second worst detective is hired to find the still missing Clouseau, encountering all the usual guest stars while walking into walls and falling into their swimming pools. The suicidal star is Ted Wass, and he's okay. Since this is officially the weirdest film ever made it stood no chance whatever of being a critical or a commercial success and it didn't let anyone down on that score. Bizarre but necessary to add, therefore, that it's actually not all that bad, and the notorious finale - in which Clouseau is surgically reborn in the body of Roger Moore - may be one of the greatest ideas in eighties comedy: it's well handled by Moore, too.