Just Go With It (2011)

A comedy, meaning no harm but ultimately no more inspired or memorable than its title, starring Jennifer Aniston and Adam Sandler, a light comic actor whose true level of popularity I've never quite been certain of, but who, like Aniston, keeps working away in films that rarely seem to hang around long. He's showing his age in this one; getting a bit stocky, and it looks like he's dyeing his hair, but he's quite a nice little actor, albeit not one I would have picked from the chorus line personally.
It's full of references to contemporary popular culture, of which I understood just enough to realise how much of the rest of it went careening over my head, and even when they're not punchlining about tv shows and pop groups I've never heard of, they're talking very quickly, often at the same time, and with a lot of ambient noise. Two surprises though: first, when Nicole Kidman shows up half way through in a funny but basically nothingish guest star supporting role (the best bit, actually, is the hula contest where she and Jennifer try to upstage each other) and then at the end, when I found out it was a remake of Cactus Flower. I'm guessing the original didn't have Ingrid Bergman indulging in bikini rivalry with Goldie Hawn.