House of Wax (2005) *

Odd but not uninteresting post-Scream slasher horror from the Dark Castle team: probably their most effective since their first, House on Haunted Hill, after a string of disasters (13 Ghosts, Ghost Ship and Gothika)

An original story which references House of Wax and Mystery of the Wax Museum only subtly - a villain called Vincent, the accidental peeling away of a wax face, the wax figures melting in a fire - and concentrates for the most part on Texas Chainsaw-style redneck torture horror, the film is nonetheless more compelling than the average, and just ten years on, so self-conscious is its modernity, it's almost as distant a period piece as the 1932 original. (Doubtless there is a generation already that will need to be told who Paris Hilton is.) Unexceptionally if undeniably nasty, but kept afloat by some superb set design and the fact that wax house settings never fail.