Ghostbusters (1984) *

Phenomenally successful supernatural comedy with pleasing echoes of the kind of thing Bob Hope and Abbott and Costello used to do, and typically good work from Bill Murray.

Despite its many amusing elements, however, it has to be chance and good luck that made it a worldwide phenomenon. Speaking as one who was ten on its original release, and who still watches it at least once a year in a state of sheer nostalgic bliss... I'm still able to be the big man and admit that, judged purely on its merits, this may actually be somewhere on the disappointing side of average. On the other hand, new generations seem to respond to it warmly too, which may have more to say about the merits of our own age than the film itself.
Whatever, I think it's fair to say that most people come out of it with an easy smile on their faces, thanks mainly to the attractive playing of the extremely likeable cast.