The Woman I Stole (1933) *

Fay Wray, sandwiched confidently between King Kong and Ann Carver's Profession, lets rip as never before or subsequently as an utterly irredeemable, selfish, mercenary, scheming, heartless sexy bitch, with not a single redeeming characteristic barring the obvious.
She's most of the fun, and obviously enjoying herself, as if all too well aware of how rare an opportunity she has been handed.
As a showcase it's a little ragged, and Jack Holt was always a stolid leading man, while the actual plot is a Boys Own affair replete with pesky Arab bandits and a pith-helmeted hero. There's also an incredibly exuberant turn from Raquel Torres, best known today for her performance with the Marxes in Duck Soup.
It's not high art, but the film is irresistible if you're in the mood.