That's Carry On! (1979)

Technically the last of the proper Carry Ons, but usually overlooked until it recently got the deluxe DVD commentary box-set treatment, is this oddball compilation of clips, chosen seemingly at random, with new linking material featuring Babs and Kenny in a screening room, and the title inanely attempting to recall MGM’s megahit That’s Entertainment.
The later tv compilation programmes take their cue from this venture, which seems to want to be a pick and mix sampling of the films, rather than a best of compilation. The running joke in the linking sequences is that Kenny is desperate for a piss. At the end, Babs locks him in and the film freeze-frames on a close-up of his face as he registers first horror, then resignation, then a curious kind of sub-erotic contentment as he wets himself. In his diaries Williams noted that his light blue suit looks rather good on film. I agree.