Carry On Up The Khyber (1968) *

A temporary step backwards that for a number of reasons, none to be found on screen, is generally considered not just the best, but far and away the best of the series.
Because it’s opted to spoof Kiplingesque Boys’ Own colonial adventures, we are all supposed to pretend that it is not simply ransacking another page of history as randomly and superficially as it did the Roman Empire, and that the team are not playing spivs and incompetents because that’s what they always do, but instead that this is genuine, biting satire, with British imperial attitudes coming in for a genuine thump, not even by happy accident but genuinely by design. Can't you just hear Sid inviting us to pull the other one?
The best news is that Terry Scott’s back for the first time since Sergeant to take his place as a bona fide team member. The last for Angela Douglas, and a pleasant one-off for Castle, in the Jim Dale slot.