Carry On Up The Jungle (1970) *

The one with Terry Scott as Tarzan: an odd, perplexing sight more than doing justice to the odd, perplexing concept. (Dale, incredibly, had first been offered it before, less incredibly, turning it down, blotting his copybook still further with the outfit.)
Also awol this time is Kenneth Williams, for the first time since Cabby, though Hawtrey is very funny in what is presumably the unacceptably small, late-arriving role Williams turned down. But, welcome back, for the first time since Cleo, to Kenneth Connor, whose young idealistic gumps were so delightful a feature of the early films, but he’s aged a lot in the interim, and will now be cast mainly as middle-aged sexual frustrates, and even bona fide old men. And a very warm welcome to Jacki Piper, who turns up in three seventies Carry Ons, and is very cute and funny. These assets, plus an equally successful return visit from Frankie Howerd all go some way towards making up for the fact that this is probably the silliest of the series, heavily padded, in transparent creative desperation, with very broad slapstick.