Carry On Spying (1964) *

Cribbins, now seemingly set sure for team member status, instead drops out until Columbus, and Dale continues his slow ascent through the ranks, but the big news is the arrival of Barbara Windsor, playing a genuinely sweet and attractive ingĂ©nue for the only time in her Carry On career. There are tit jokes, but she is restrained, demure, even embarrassed in the face of them. (It’s her next, Carry On Doctor, that introduces the facial contortions, waddle, giggle, and delighted “Saucy!” in response to crass innuendo.)
Dilys Laye, another semi-regular, has atypical fun as a slinky double-agent, and says "Stop messin' about" to Kenneth Williams, who is doing his famous radio 'Snide' characterisation for the only time on film. The rest affects to parody Bond by parodying The Third Man. This is more sustained genre pastiche than we are used to from the films, not quite as exacting as Carry On Cowboy, but far less removed from its material than is usually the case.
The last of the series to be made in black and white; it’ll do fine, while we’re waiting for Camping.