Carry On Loving (1970) **

Sid and Hattie are Mr and Mrs Bliss, owners of the Wedded Bliss Marital Agency, their façade of harmony sorely tested by Sid’s obsession with ‘vetting’ their female clients, not least the woman who works in the tobacconists. (“I only keep going in there for me shag!”)
In a series of thus-linked episodes we follow the progress of some of their clients, among them a whimsical young man whose greatest passion is making aeroplanes out of milk bottle tops, inadvertently matched with a sexy model (Piper and O’Callaghan, a nice new junior team, paired off again in At Your Convenience in recognition of good work here), and Williams as a marriage guidance counsellor reluctantly intent on taking the plunge for purely professional reasons, finding himself sandwiched between the affections of Rowlands and Mrs Bliss. Meanwhile Sid’s attempts to grab a piece of Joan (in one of her last unambiguous lust-object roles before she starts playing the passion-killers – oh, the heartless march of time!) are frustrated by Bernie as her boyfriend, a professional wrestler called Gripper Burke.
If Up The Khyber is the most over-rated of the series, this is surely the most under-rated. No wild plot shifts, costumes or parodies of other films, just relentless comic single-mindedness, more great jokes than virtually any other half-dozen randomly chosen others in the series combined, Imogen Hassall as a stuffer (you know, putting it in), all the socio-historic precision you can shake Terry Scott’s bowl haircut at, and a big pie fight at the end.