Carry On England (1976)

An almost entirely fresh cast grapple with a script that in every respect beyond its greater-than-ever sexual frankness seems to want to hark back to the earliest black and white entries.
It was, in fact, expanded from an unused episode of the Carry On Laughing tv series. (Not to be confused with the later, joyous clip-compilation shows of the same name, this was a series of sitcom-style playlets transmitted around this time on ITV, with some, but notably not all, of the regular team appearing, often in roles that allowed much greater range than their film personas - Jack Douglas, especially - but which as often as not missed the mark script-wise.) This is watchable, but mainly for Connor, and Judy Geeson, obviously. Davies comes off as a bit of a disappointment after his fabulous debut for the team in Behind, because he’s just doing his familiar Sergeant-Major routine from TV.