Carry On Emmannuelle (1978)

This time, they get the proper cast assembled and instead go haywire on the script. God alone knows if this is meant to be a parody of sex movies, or just a suicidally mild example of one, but every cast member is misused, sometimes grievously so, and the resulting disaster finished the series.
For men of my generation, an appearance by Suzanne Danielle is always worth a look-in, but this is no Boys In Blue. It might perhaps have been better if Williams wasn’t made to do that accent all through it, if Windsor had appeared as intended as all the women in the strange sex fantasy sequences, or even – if that were the route they were intent on travelling – if it had found something of the irreverent style, and dipped into the supporting female casting book, of the Confessions movies… but it’s beyond saving really. It just comes from nowhere, resembling nothing else before or since, and a Carry On film least of all, and it just squats there, like a hundredweight of lead piping.