Carry On Doctor (1968) *

A return to the bedpans with the regulars all seen to advantage: Williams as the supercilious surgeon, Sid as the wily patient smoking under the bedclothes, Bernie embarking on a charming romance with Dilys Laye in the adjoining ward, Hattie Jacques back, after a seven film absence, to play Matron again and Babs eating a lovely-looking pear. There’s even a joke about Carry On Nurse.
Frankie Howerd – the only guest lead who doesn’t feel like an uncomfortable graft, and, not coincidentally, the only one invited to do it again – fits seamlessly into the ensemble, to become almost an honorary team member. (When he died all the obituaries prominently mentioned his connection to the series; one even called him ‘King of the Carry Ons’.) The scripts will get funnier than this, but we’re starting to roll now: just one more aberration to go.