Carry On Again Doctor (1969) *

Hattie's the matron again, and the title alone is enough to tell you that it’s filler, but there’s a bizarrer touch to this than the other trips to the hospital, and a South Sea island subplot.
Babs has her famous examination; Hawtrey is amusing on the last occasion any attempt would be made to integrate his increasingly bizarre presence fully into the principal narrative thread (from hereon he would always be an outsider and king of his own, ever-shrinking subplot); Dale is charming indeed, with a nice aptitude for stunt slapstick, and showing no signs of being about to bow out. (In fact, his ambitions now took him to America and resulted in his part, already written, in Carry On Camping being considerably downsized and given to Julian Holloway: only the fact that he’s still called Jim gives the game away. Apparently he caused real resentment by upping sticks, though it had abided in time for him to take the lead in Carry On Columbus.)
Only James seems restrained by the considerable eccentricities of the script, which has a wildly fantastic flavour to it rarely seen in the series before or since. Hello to Patsy Rowlands.