Stealing Beauty (1996) *

After dallying with the cinema of the anonymous in The Last Emperor and scoring an indulgent round of worldwide applause in gratitude, Bertolucci returned to his more customary loose-leaf format for this vague but sumptuous assembly of Sunday supplement images and declamatory characters being wistful.
In precis: Grunge-era American college virgin (she listens to Hole on her Walkman and writes melancholy doggerel on scraps of newspaper) travels to remote Tuscan farm house to reacquaint herself with a more or less roundly nauseating bunch of old family friends, dredges up some old secrets and hangs around the olive groves to find herself. In effect: Lost In Translation without the jokes. But at least Bertolucci keeps your eyes busy, with Tuscany (four stars) and Liv Tyler (four more) both photographed to maximum effect.