Nine (2009) *

A Hollywood-by-Broadway musical pastiche of Fellini may not sound like a good idea, but the end result is not without interest, and if it failed at the box office that certainly wasn't out of respect for Fellini, rather because the end result was not the toe-tapping Chicago Act II seemingly promised by the ads.
In fact, I suspect Fellini himself might have enjoyed this: it's the most surprisingly sensitive Hollywood take on material beyond its grasp since Soderbergh's Solaris. Top honours to Penelope Cruz and Marion Cotillard, as you'd probably expect, but Nicole Kidman is sufficiently underused and well-shot to justify her iconic function in the narrative, and frankly pretty much everyone comes over well, even Daniel Day Lewis, who is far from the worst actor in the world but, for many thousands of us, high among its least welcome.