The Graduate (1967) *

Basically a trifle, though one cannily designed to catch exactly the mood of its moment, this now seems all the more self-conscious for having once felt so effortless. The idea, Dustin Hoffman's iconic lead performance and the Simon and Garfunkel numbers (including the haunting ‘Sound of Silence’) were all they needed at the time: newcomers today may be surprised at how thinly-spread it all is, and how often the songs are necessary to pad out the transitions.
Like Lost in Translation it can be hypnotic for audiences who happen to be in the mood, a little infuriating to those who do not share its assumption that their rapt approval is a foregone conclusion.
Breezy performances help, especially from Murray Hamilton as the cuckolded Mr Robinson, and the scenes everyone remembers are smartly done, but it’s surely nobody’s idea of 105 minutes worth of movie.